Papa Don't Preach
Tumblr m8q5azmy2G1rteajk 1344912812 cover
Album Glee: The Music, The Complete Season One
Data wydania 25 listopada 2009
Orginalny Wykonawca Madonna
Wykonanie Quinn Fabray
Miejsce Salon Giardich
Odcinek Hairography
Papa Don't Preach - piosenka wykonana w odcinku "Hairography". Jest zaśpiewana przez Quinn z Puck'iem grającym na gitarze. Podczas opiekowania się trojaczkami, Puck i Quinn postanawiają ich uspokoić, poprzez zaśpiewanie jakiegoś utworu.


Papa, I know you're going to be upset
Cause I was always your little girl
But you should know by now
I'm not a baby

You always taught me
Right from wrong
I need your help
Daddy, please be strong
I may be young at heart
But I know what I'm saying

The one you
Warned me all about
The one you said
I could do without
We're in an awful mess
And I don't mean maybe

Papa, don't preach.
I'm in trouble deep
Papa, don't preach.
I've been losing sleep
But I made up my mind.
I'm keeping my baby
Ooh, I'm gonna keep my baby mmmm


  • Jest to druga najkrótsza piosenka wykonana w "Glee". Pierwszą jest "Trouty Mouth"



GLEE - Full Performance of ''Papa Don't Preach''01:18

GLEE - Full Performance of ''Papa Don't Preach''

Papa Don't Preach Glee HD FULL STUDIO01:10

Papa Don't Preach Glee HD FULL STUDIO

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